Workforce Development

CNHED has embraced workforce development as part of its Equitable Communities framework. CNHED convenes and engages workforce development provider organizations to advocate for a workforce development system that serves the needs of District’s residents, who are unemployed and hardest to service.

Through our efforts, CNHED seeks not only collaboration between the workforce providers, but also with affordable housing, services, and small businesses in our effort to support residents’ right and ability to work and earn a living wage.


Workforce Development Directory

The DC Workforce Training and Services Directory is a comprehensive resource on 38 organizations’ current workforce development training programs and services. Structured by industry, the directory includes sections dedicated to Business & Information Technology (IT), Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality, Law & Security, and Other. Directory users may search for programs, training, and services by industry or browse the comprehensive list of all featured organizations.

CNHED’s Workforce Development work aims to address the following issues:


Ensure that workforce development policies are strong and adequate funding is available to enable the provider organizations to meet the new requirements and standards of WIOA and a career‐driven pathways model


Encourage and identify cross‐sector collaboration for a more effective delivery of services in such areas as integration of best practices in assessing job readiness; co‐location of workforce programs in large housing developments; or increased integration of workforce development into housing and commercial development projects or plans


Organize briefings on the lessons learned in building cross‐sector collaboration and its impact on the organizations’ delivery of services for the field


Organize briefings on the lessons learned in building cross‐sector collaboration and its impact on the organizations’ delivery of services for the field


Explore the feasibility of a workforce development conference or series of professional development trainings to further build the capacity of workforce provider organizations


Build and strengthen alliances with the business community


First Source Task Group

CNHED’s Workforce Development Working Group established a task group to address the challenges with the implementation of the District’s First Source Program that were recently highlighted in the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor’s report, DOES Lacks Policies and Procedures to Effectively Monitor DC’s First Source Program. The task group is an alliance of stakeholders representing local businesses (primes and subcontractors), workforce development organizations, District agencies, and others who know that First Source can work in DC. The task group is interested in exploring and proposing feasible programmatic and policy enhancements to ensure employers have access to viable candidates, upskilling opportunities are available for workers and efforts are implemented to strengthen enforcement.

The task group’s goals are to:


Develop a better understanding of how the First Source program impacts businesses and DC residents.


Analyze the current legislation and implementation data to determine if the legislation itself needs to be amended (i.e. removing language requiring new hires).


Bridge connections and improve communications between subcontractors and workforce development organizations


Develop a comprehensive solution to propose to the DC Council

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