Community Development Week

The District has a rich spectrum of community development entities including nonprofit and for-profit affordable housing developers, housing counseling and human service agencies, workforce development providers, small business technical assistance providers and associations, community lenders, community development intermediaries and government agencies that have made tremendous contributions to providing resources to low-moderate income communities and increasing economic vitality of the District.

CNHED represents this infrastructure of community development and we are honored to set aside the 2nd week of October each year as Community Development Week to draw attention to their efforts and celebrate their accomplishments.

The week’s activities will illuminate the community development field’s role in creating and preserving affordable housing; assisting the creation, health and expansion of small business; creating and financing community economic development projects; energizing commercial corridors; and creating opportunities to reap increased income and improved quality of life. Community Development week includes a series of coordinated activities across the span of CNHED members as well as with our government partners and supporters.


Our 2020 Community Development Week Has Ended

This year, the community economic development field faced unprecedented challenges with the emergence of COVID-19. With new regulations and ordinances surrounding social distancing, face coverings and gathering limits also came drastic consequences such as job loss, homelessness, limited access to healthcare and public transportation challenges.

Despite COVID’s quick and unexpected spread, the DC community economic development sector worker quicker. Nonprofits, community groups, small businesses, philanthropy, anchor institutions, the DC Government and others immediately rose to the challenge and worked to not only pivot programs and services, but to also provide solutions to the District’s newest challenges.

Recognizing A Community of Resilient Leaders

We are still in the midst of dealing with COVID-19, new challenges are arising and there is much more work to be done. However, this year, we’d like to leverage our annual Community Development Week to uplift and celebrate all the local leaders, organizations and small businesses who have worked tirelessly throughout the past several months to persevere and continue to serve DC’s communities and residents.

2020 Sponsors

By sponsoring DC Community Development Week and A Community of Leaders, you demonstrate your support of a proven leader in addressing the issues of housing affordability and neighborhood-based economic development in the District.

Your support is critical. Not only will your contribution enable CNHED to coordinate an excellent DC Community Development Week and 20th Anniversary Celebration, but ultimately, you enable CNHED to continue to:

  • Educate our public officials to sustain and increase local appropriations for critical community development programs
  • Inform, educate, and build the capacity of the sector
  • Facilitate policy and programmatic improvements
  • Bolster the political will to create a District where all residents are part of thriving, livable communities that are socially, racially, and economically just

Community Development Week 2020 Schedule

Here’s how the week is shaping up:

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