Digital Equity & Inclusion

At CNHED, we believe that everyone in DC deserves equitable access to home broadband, devices, and digital skills training. Black and Brown residents, who are disproportionately left behind, deserve digital justice now.

Thank you to our committed partner and CNHED Member Byte Back for making this campaign happen.

Defining the Issue

Digital Inclusion refers to ensuring that all individuals and communities have access to affordable Broadband internet, internet-enabled devices, access to digital literacy training, quality technical support, and applications and online content designed to enable and encourage self-sufficiency, participation, and collaboration.

Digital Equity is a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy.

Digital Literacy refers to having the foundational computer skills to access and consume digital content, create it, and share it.

Digital Inclusion Now: A Pathway to Economic Mobility for Black & Brown DC Residents

Digital inequities have been an issue in the District for decades. COVID-19 has amplified the digital divide, as tens of thousands of DC residents don’t have access to a device, home internet, and skills training. Investing in digital inclusion – access to devices, internet, and tech training – will help DC rebuild its economy post COVID-19 and increase racial equity, as Black and Brown residents get connected and gain the opportunity to build skills and careers in the new economy.

Three Prongs of Digital Equity

Access to High-Speed Internet

36,460 DC households don’t have internet, including more than 50% in Wards 7 and 8

Access to Devices

16,288 DC households do not have a computer. 6.7% of African American & Black people are in households without a computer, compared to .8% of White people in households without a computer.

Access to Digital Literacy Training

One-third of American workers lack the digital skills required for work, school, and life. 50% of Black workers and 57% of Latino workers need digital skills.

We’re fighting for digital equity in Washington D.C. Will you join us?

Digital literacy and access to high-speed internet and internet-enabled devices is critical for everyday life, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Technology is a necessity today. Residents need it to learn online, register for a vaccine appointment, use telehealth, bank, help a child with homework, work from home, and search for a job.

I pledge to take action for equal access to the internet, digital devices, and training. As the District turns toward recovery, I will support digital equity for all job seekers, children, and older adults, regardless of race, zip code, or income.
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