What is the Housing For All Campaign?

CNHED believes that an ample supply and array of solutions is needed to end chronic homelessness and to sustain a continuum of housing that meets the needs of the most economically vulnerable residents of the District. CNHED supports Housing First, as well as other evidence-based models that demonstrate successful outcomes for their residents.

What we believe:

All District residents deserve decent, quality housing at a price they can afford. We call on District officials to invest in the housing programs that meet that need.

Who we are:

The Campaign was launched by the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development, which is a membership association that leads nonprofit community development organizations in ensuring that residents with low and moderate incomes have housing and economic opportunities in neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia. The campaign is made up of the people who work at affordable housing nonprofits, people living in affordable housing, and concerned DC residents like you!

What we want:

To increase the amount of investment from the District government for a full continuum of housing affordable for District residents and to demand common sense reforms to the rent control law in order to preserve affordable housing and protect tenants’ rights. We can only produce and preserve the affordable housing DC needs if we invest in growing these programs, including the Housing Production Trust Fund, the Home Purchase Assistance Program, the Local Rent Supplement Program, and the Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

What we do:

We train residents to speak out for affordable housing, mobilize our supporters to keep the stories of DC’s housing need front and center, and challenge government officials to take action!

What we’ve won:

$100 million annual baseline commitment for the Housing Production Trust Fund! In the past four budgets we won nearly $480 million for affordable housing and Council has passed three pieces of legislation improving rent control. Without the consistent pressure of the Housing For All Campaign, this would not have happened!

Why we continue to push for more:

Our communities continue to suffer from a lack of affordable housing. Over 8,300 people are homeless in DC. One in five DC households pay more than half their income in rent, many of them are our seniors. Homeownership, which would prevent displacement and help develop equity, is out of reach for most low and moderate income households. We need strong communities, which includes affordable housing.

For CNHED, stable, affordable housing is a key component in creating a District where all residents are part of thriving, livable communities that are socially, racially, and economically just.

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Yes! I believe all District residents deserve decent, quality housing at a price they can afford
and I call on District officials to invest in the programs that meet that need.

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Our Goal

Our campaign goal is to increase the amount DC invests in affordable housing. To truly meet DC’s housing need, DC government needs to commit at least three times more money to affordable housing than it currently does. We call on the Mayor and City Council to fully fund the Continuum of Housing and provide Housing for All.

Housing for All and You

This campaign is only possible with your support. We can change the city’s commitment to affordable housing by showing our city leaders how much DC cares about affordable housing. We will stand together – as homeowners and renters, business owners and clergy, workers and students, those who have stable housing and those who don’t – as neighbors who demand Housing for All. Organizations and ANCs please sign on here.

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