VISTA Spotlight: Kadasha Hershey

March 11, 2024

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Kadasha is currently serving as the System Change VISTA at the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA). As part of her duties, she recently had the opportunity to work on the evaluation process for NACEDA’s national summit. Kadasha was tasked with leading this comprehensive evaluation with key staff and stakeholders. Kadasha had the opportunity to facilitate the summit evaluation with the NACEDA Board of Directors to help inform best practices for future summits and take a critical look at the summit’s impact and effectiveness. This allowed her to practice her public speaking and group facilitation skills in a professional setting and allowed her to have an impact within NACEDA for years to come.

Kadasha has also been hard at work, working on other tasks outlined on her VAD. One of these tasks is helping with the rebranding process NACEDA is currently undergoing. As part of this, Kadasha is working with the Communications Director at NACEDA to ensure the rebranding process goes smoothly both with project management and engagement with key stakeholders.

Being with NACEDA, Kadasha has found great interest in the community economic development field, and her next steps include pursuing opportunities in the field to meaningfully advance community development at a local level.

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