Supporting Small Businesses

CNHED is dedicated to supporting the District’s small businesses through special initiatives, policy advocacy, and capacity building. Small Businesses provide an invaluable contribution to both the District economy and society as a whole. Not only do small businesses represent the backbone of American industry and the spirit of building your own future, but they are also vital to economic growth and adaptability.

Economic Development Committee

CNHED and its Economic Development Committee have been the leading advocates for funding of the Small Business Technical Assistance Program. Economic Development Committee members, both through the Small Business Technical Assistance Program and through their other work, provide technical assistance, support, and training to small businesses in DC and work with groups of small businesses to provide business attraction and retention and collective business support services. Members also work closely with the Department of Housing and Community Development, Department of Small and Local Business Development, other DC government agencies, and each other to make sure that small businesses have the right kinds of support for their needs. They increase the number of successful new small businesses by conducting market studies, helping aspiring entrepreneurs to write business plans and providing microloans, among other services. They also help sustain existing small businesses by assisting them in rebranding, exterior and interior modifications, advertising, and more. If you’d like to be involved in CNHED’s work supporting small businesses, or to help expand the agenda, please sign up to join the Economic Development Committee.

ELEVATE Curriculum

CNHED, in partnership  with the George Washington University School of Business to develop a training for local entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. through our ELEVATE program. ELEVATE, which stands for Executive Leadership Education Venture Advancing Talented Entrepreneurs, aims to provide best-in-class training to minority small businesses located in the DC to acquire new skills that will allow them to more effectively and efficiently manage their business’ products and services and increase revenue and employment.

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