VISTA Spotlight: Sierra Meyer

May 9, 2023

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Sierra has been working with Capital Clubhouse as their Education, housing, and Employment Coordinator VISTA. As part of her role, Sierra connected Capital Clubhouse to an agency that offers Ticket to Work service, which will help Clubhouse members by creating a job readiness handbook and ensuring members have the skills needed to begin work. When we spoke with Sierra, a recent accomplishment that she was particularly proud of was the Employment Series that she created for the Capital Clubhouse social media accounts. The social media campaign is designed to educate employers and the general public about people with mental illness in the workplace by busting myths and reducing stigma about it.

While Sierra’s time in the VISTA Strong Communities program and with Capital Clubhouse is ending in a few months, she has been able to accomplish a lot in her time in the role. After completing her VISTA service, Sierra is looking to travel for a bit and find a job that puts her skills to good use.

Does VISTA service sound like something for you? We’re currently taking applications for our next cohort! Learn more about what it means to serve and check out the open positions today.

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