AmeriCorps VISTA Spotlight: Nykos Padula

June 24, 2024

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At Captial Clubhouse, Inc., Nykos Padula serves as the Communications Coordinator VISTA. Nykos has played a crucial role in enhancing the organization’s social media presence and email campaigns by effectively sharing their stories. Initially, Nykos began by featuring articles and pictures in the Capital Clubhouse newsletter, highlighting the individuals who were benefiting from the services provided by the organization. Additionally, Nykos recognized the power of these stories in dispelling the stigma surrounding mental illness, addressing important topics like “masking” and the significance of being a supportive friend to those in need.

Nykos takes immense pride in the capacity he has built during his tenure at Capital Clubhouse, Inc. aligning with VISTA’s mission. On two occasions this year, Nykos played a pivotal role in securing additional funding for the organization. He assisted in writing a grant and organized an online campaign, which generated several thousand dollars in funding. Although these activities were slightly beyond his designated responsibilities, they significantly contributed to enhancing the organization’s capacity.

Nykos is dedicated to his country and is eager to contribute in any way possible. He is preparing to take the foreign service exam in June, while also pursuing his passion for acting on a part-time basis.


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